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What Are You Laughing At?

Let me start by saying that I haven’t written one of these in a very long time. I looked back at my old entries and realized that my writing was (.. possibly still is) terrible. I apologize.

Now on to the topic!
I’m sure most of you have heard about Shaquille O’Neal catching heat for mocking Jahmel Binion, a man with a rare genetic disorder that considerably affects his appearance, with the use of a side by side selfie.
My question. Did he do anything differently than most of us are doing?

The topic of what we should be laughing at as Christians has been on my mind for a while. There is this dreadful trend of it being acceptable to humiliate people in the name of clean comedy.
If someone posts something “ratchet” or just plain unattractive, we’ve now said it’s ok to laugh at them… as long as there is no nakedness or profanity involved. We “HAVE THE RIGHT” to humiliate and mock this person publicly because they posted it.. right? “I’m a comedian so I can give my opinion on this in a way that will humiliate someone…. because it’s funny!” “They posted it so I can talk about it”
Christians are doing this!
If we want to be real, most of the people we are mocking are “touched” or have had it rough etc etc.
However, even if they were just normal everyday people that made an unfortunate choice.. do we have the right to humiliate them? Is that anything more than sophisticated school yard taunting?

Most importantly how does God feel about it? The next time you laugh at something, consider how the Lord feels about it. Was your comment on that video or picture hurtful? If it’s “mean spirited” towards that person, why would it not offend Him???

***Mind you I’m not talking about silly things where we can laugh with the person or where it isn’t social media death. A meme with a girl making a funny face being used in reaction photos is way different than a photo of a special girl with her mouth hanging open being edited with wigs along with comments about her being somebody’s girl… as a diss to that somebody. Get it?

I’m ashamed of some of the things I’ve found funny over the years… heck I’m ashamed of some of the comments I’ve made. Before I wrote this I was tempted to go back and look at the things I’ve shared to see if they were mean spirited. If I find some, I’m going to delete them. I wouldn’t want to be humiliated so why should I participate in humiliating someone else? Ephesians 5:4 or nah?

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What if?

Lately I’ve randomly been thinking “what would things be like if I was thinner and subsequently more physically attractive?”

I’ll explain…. Let me begin by saying I’m an observer and I think about things way more than I should. Also, I should say that we should be real with ourselves and admit that there are some people who are generally less attractive than others. I know we want to say that “everyone is beautiful”, but honestly if we are just talking about physical beauty, there has to be unattractive for there to be a such thing as attractive. The more attractive people usually get more attention from the opposite sex, especially women.

I tend to people watch and I often see how the generally less attractive women are often ignored and sometimes treated as less by the opposite sex.  People will often try to cheer them up by saying “you only have to attract the one”. I guess telling this to someone that is rejected by most could be helpful. However, I cringe when I hear it said because I know what it really means. I can understand the kindness in not wanting there to be interaction that could be mistaken as interest, but sometimes I feel bad for these women. I see it happen to men at times, but it usually has more to do with weirdness/lack of status more-so than un-attractiveness.

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What to strive for.

Admittedly, I was feeling crummy, so I did what I should have been doing anyway.  I started reading today’s chapter. Today’s chapter Was Titus 2.. telling men and women how to produce/be fruitful men and women… how to be a good church community…  I came across verse 5 and it’s goal for young wives.
Titus 2:5 HCSB

"to be self-controlled, pure, homemakers, kind, and submissive  to their husbands, so that God’s message  will not be slandered."
Now no poor man has been tricked into making me his wife (and who knows of this will happen)….. but this verse still has characteristics that I should be striving for if I desire to be a godly woman.  I realized how much I fail.  I’m not self controlled..  the scale let’s me know that.. I’m messy, so I’m not much of a homemaker.. and  pure?…  ha!..  so much to work on.